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Long Oxidised Earrings,...

Long sterling silver earrings, 925/935.  Triangles approx. 2,3mm x 1,9mm in size.  Front: surface texture and strong oxidation.  Back: antique,...
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Mismatched Statement...

Mismatched earrings.  One earring with fine silver heart, approx. 2,6 x 2,1cm big, hammered. One earring with flower approx. 2,1 x 2,1cm big,...
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Hedgehog Earrings Sterling

Hedgehog earrings made from 950 sterling silver, surface texture, oxidised, approx. 21 x 16mm big.  Earwires made from 935 sterling silver.  Total...
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Stud Earrings Small Tree

Small uneven earrings, stamped with a tree, oxidised to a gold- bronz-colour.  Uneven squares, 999 fine silver, approx. 12mm in size.   Ear wires...
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Heart and Flower Pull...

925 sterling silver pull through earrings, chain earrings, 1x 950 silver heart approx. 15mm x 12mm big, 1x 950 silver flower approx. 14mm x 14mm...
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Freeform Twist, Earrings

Earring made from 925 and 935 Argentium® (Sterling) silver wire, twisted look, oxidised and lightly polished.  Length: approx. 4cm.  Width: approx....
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Small Earrings, Pigs

Earrings, studs in the shape of pigs, approx. 14mm x 8mm in size.  Made with 950 and 925 sterling silver.  Brush texture on both sides.
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925 Gold Plated Big...

Big 925 sterling silver kidney earwires, gold plated.  Smoky quartz gemstones, faceted.  Total length of one earrings is approx. 5,7cm.

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Silver Star Studs

Very small 950 and 925 sterling silver ear studs.  Small stars made from 950 sterling silver, approx. 11mm in size.  Frosted surface texture on...

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Silver and Keum Boo...

Rectangles made from 999 fine silver, approx. 16mm x 14mm in size, a swirl made from a thin layer of fine gold and 925 sterling silver earwires....

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Silver Hearts, Earrings

Earrings with little hearts made from 950 sterling silver approx. 1,5cm x 1,2cm in size, brush texture on both sides, 925 sterling silver...

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Tiny Cross Earrings

TINY 935 Argentium® Silver crosses approx. 9mm long and big 925 sterling silver ear wires.  Total length of earrings is approx. 2cm.

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