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Big Solid Broken Heart...

Fine silver heart, 999, oxidised, texture, approx. 2,5cm x 2,2cm in size.  Weight: approx. 15,8g.  925 Sterling silver chain, approx. 50cm long.
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Heart Pendant with Chain

Heart made from 950 sterling silver, approx. 14 x 12mm in size.  Front: a thin fine gold layer, hammered.  The ball is made from 999 fine silver....
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Gold and Ruby Pendant

A small 333 yellow gold ring, hammered, approx. 13mm in size and a natural ruby drop gemstone, dark red approx. 9mm long und ca. 10,5mm wide....
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Mismatched Statement...

Mismatched earrings.  One earring with fine silver heart, approx. 2,6 x 2,1cm big, hammered. One earring with flower approx. 2,1 x 2,1cm big,...
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Happy Piggy Necklace

Piggy pendant made from 950 sterling silver, approx. 2cm x 2cm in size.  Stamped with the word HAPPY, uneven and oxidised.  925 sterling silver...
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Hedgehog Earrings Sterling

Hedgehog earrings made from 950 sterling silver, surface texture, oxidised, approx. 21 x 16mm big.  Earwires made from 935 sterling silver.  Total...
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Heart and Ruby Necklace

950 Sterling silver heart, frosted, antique- used- look, approx. 15mm x 12mm in size, 2 gemstones, ruby, dark red, dyed, approx. 6mm x 4mm in size....
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Solid Fine Silver Heart...

Fine silver heart, 999, approx. 2,5cm x 3,0cm, surface texture, with synthetic ruby, approx. 5mm in size.  925 sterling silver chain, approx. 50cm...
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Big Heart Silver Anklet

Anklet with 950 sterling silver heart, approx. 23mm x 20mm in size, surface texture on front and back.  Chain and clasp are 925 sterling silver....

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Thin Silver and Gold Ring

Thin ring made from 935 Argentium® Silver and 750 gold.  The ring is made from wire approx. 1,5mm thick.  In the middle of the ring is a short...

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Earrings Pinks and Silver

Earrings with sterling silver and jade gemstones.  Stones are approx. 8 mm and 5 mm in size, round.  Pale pink, dark pink with a touch of red....
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